Monday, 7 August 2017

Flamborough Old Lighthouse

I've taken photographs of lighthouses when on holiday for years now.  I'm always drawn to a lighthouse, for many reasons.  I used to have a romantic idea that a lighthouse keeper would be my dream job, it's an ivory tower with a purpose, and the view from the top is usually glorious.

I started making art based on my digital library of photographs the year before last, when I began selling ACEOs on Ebay.  Old Flamborough Lighthouse was one of my subjects and I sold a couple of these pocket sized artworks on-line.  

This started a bit of a series for me, and one I have revised since starting to explore creating linocuts.

My new reduction linocut based on photographs I took back in 2003 of Old Flamborough Lighthouse has taken me roughly 3 days to complete.  That isn't 3 days continuous work, but on/off over the 3 days.

I am already thinking about my next linocut.  I would like to produce something that resembles a pen drawing with washes of colour behind the line.  So a black (or almost black) line around the colour areas will be a key part of my new design.  Hopefully I'll start this tomorrow.

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