Thursday, 10 August 2017

A browner shade of grey

Managed to do a little more work on my Cairn on Scottish Beach linocut today.  After printing the initial buff coloured layer of the print on Tuesday I began chipping away into the detail of the design.

Working from the 2 photographs I am using as the base for my composition.

This evening I printed the second layer of colour of my 10 prints. 

I mixed up a slightly browner version of the grey I used for the initial layer of colour. 

I had to mix up 2 lots of colour as the water based pigment I use dries out very quickly.  I added some extender to try to make the pigment retain it's sticky yet liquid consistency, otherwise after rubbing with a spoon, my hand, and the spoon again, all I get is a pale freckly misty image.  Which can be quite nice and impressionistic, but in this case it's not really what I want.  I want to be able to see the pigment on the page. 

Tomorrow I'm hoping to begin cutting the lino again.  I'm not really decided which colour to add yet though, I know I want some very muted green in the distance, but I also want to define the strong rust brown of the seaweed crescents on the pebble beach.  Hopefully I will be feeling more decisive tomorrow.

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