Wednesday, 25 March 2015

ACEO sized drawings

Four of the ACEOs I've sold through Ebay, where I'm selling small sized artworks via Itsypics.

The ACEOs are shown with their Certificates of Authenticity, which I provide for each piece.  The matchstick symbol on the front of the COA is a Logo I designed for my Itsypics sales, an 'i' for Itsypics.  The flame stands for the spark of inspiration which I am eternally hopeful of.

A mixed media piece I've been working on (and off) since before Christmas.  It's pen and acrylic ink with airbrushed acrylic ink for the larger coloured areas.  A combination I still haven't got right yet.

I like the discipline of the ACEO size (3 1/2 x 2 1/2in) so much that I've begun to make a few ACEO sized drawings around the house.  It's been too long since I drew from life, so this will bring 2 aspects of my work together hopefully.  I intend to make a series of these drawings in every room of my home over the next few months and display them together as a complete piece.

The drawing above shows my Mum's slippers where she leaves them in the hall.

The drawing below shows Mum's tatty old shoes stuffed with wool and old Jay cloths, left again as she always leaves them, in the hall by the kitchen door.

Mom leaves things habitually anywhere and everywhere.  She stuffs her shoes with wool because she says it makes them more comfortable.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


I'm really happy to have 2 pictures accepted for the RBSA Open All Media exhibition.

G and me went along to see the exhibition on Sunday.  It's a good exhibition as usual full of varied styles and subject matter.  There were quite a few collages, many using photographic material, and a nice selection of abstract work.  There was a huge pastel study of a lady in a bath by Graham Kershaw, larger than life size I would guess.  A very audacious piece beautifully rendered.  There were quite a few pastel pieces at this year's open and one of my favourites were a couple of landscapes by Janette Summerfield which I really liked.  Artists who's work I'm familiar with from previous shows and who's work I also really enjoyed were June Dudleston's painterly landscapes and Paul Hipkiss's vivid linocuts.  I also enjoyed Rob Perry's intense painterly landscapes. 

On handing in day the queue was longer than I'd ever known it before, so I'd guess that the RBSA had quite a few entries this year.  The lady I was queuing behind showed me the piece she was handing in, a pretty cream coloured ceramic vase inspired by sea froth.  Her piece made it into the exhibition too, Sea-Foam Vase by Katie Robbins.

This Dwarf Iris is one of my ACEOs which I am currently selling on Ebay.