Friday, 6 August 2010


Since my disappointment at being rejected for the RA Summer Show back in June I haven't entered my artwork in another open. As I'm not producing much lately I feel a little unmotivated. But I did see the Wolverhampton Open advertised during a series of exhibitions in a disused shop in the Mander Centre, Wolverhampton, an innovative idea and a varied show. The Wolverhampton Open is being organised by White Tree Studios at Chapel Ash. The piece I'm exhibiting is the piece rejected by the RA. Which gives me a little comfort, at least.

I wish I was escaping in that Jeep! A photograph I took on the island of Kerrera where G and I had a lovely day walking in September 2005. As I remember it there was only 1 loo on the island, so will power came in very handy!

Sunday, 1 August 2010


It's becoming ever difficult to keep up my creative work while working full-time, work on polishing my novel ground to a halt back in March and my artwork is a bare trickle. I began a new drawing about 6 weeks ago and this is as far as I've gotten with it.

My problems of concentration and motivation (and exhaustion) are so difficult to overcome at the moment that I've turned the drawing upside down and am drawing the foliage in this topsy turvy fashion in an attempt to, I don't know, spark SOMETHING.

At least I managed to produce a sunflower from the seeds I planted back in March. I mistakenly bought the giant variety instead of the dwarf kind, and then read that these aren't suitable for container planting. I started off with about 10 plants, and these have dwindled down to 6 (4 eaten away 2 mysteriously snapped in two overnight), 4 of which show signs of blooming. This one is beautiful though, thankfully.