Friday, 6 August 2010


Since my disappointment at being rejected for the RA Summer Show back in June I haven't entered my artwork in another open. As I'm not producing much lately I feel a little unmotivated. But I did see the Wolverhampton Open advertised during a series of exhibitions in a disused shop in the Mander Centre, Wolverhampton, an innovative idea and a varied show. The Wolverhampton Open is being organised by White Tree Studios at Chapel Ash. The piece I'm exhibiting is the piece rejected by the RA. Which gives me a little comfort, at least.

I wish I was escaping in that Jeep! A photograph I took on the island of Kerrera where G and I had a lovely day walking in September 2005. As I remember it there was only 1 loo on the island, so will power came in very handy!

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