Tuesday, 3 March 2015


I'm really happy to have 2 pictures accepted for the RBSA Open All Media exhibition.

G and me went along to see the exhibition on Sunday.  It's a good exhibition as usual full of varied styles and subject matter.  There were quite a few collages, many using photographic material, and a nice selection of abstract work.  There was a huge pastel study of a lady in a bath by Graham Kershaw, larger than life size I would guess.  A very audacious piece beautifully rendered.  There were quite a few pastel pieces at this year's open and one of my favourites were a couple of landscapes by Janette Summerfield which I really liked.  Artists who's work I'm familiar with from previous shows and who's work I also really enjoyed were June Dudleston's painterly landscapes and Paul Hipkiss's vivid linocuts.  I also enjoyed Rob Perry's intense painterly landscapes. 

On handing in day the queue was longer than I'd ever known it before, so I'd guess that the RBSA had quite a few entries this year.  The lady I was queuing behind showed me the piece she was handing in, a pretty cream coloured ceramic vase inspired by sea froth.  Her piece made it into the exhibition too, Sea-Foam Vase by Katie Robbins.

This Dwarf Iris is one of my ACEOs which I am currently selling on Ebay.

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