Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Ink & Steel - Publication

I've finally managed to publish the booklet of my exhibition Ink & Steel on-line. It's available to read on the amazing Issue website.

I must admit that I only discovered this website yesterday, after a few weeks faffing about with the Word file of my publication, trying to find ways to PDF it for free (and then discovering after all the effort that the version of Word I have has a save as PDf option. Boo hoo for all that wasted time and effort.

But it wasn't actually wasted, as while searching I found the Issue website, which basically allows anyone to upload a document from a variety of forms (I published mine from a PDF) and then publishes it as a slick on-screen publication, like the one used by Art of England.

It looks great, I think. Even though I've chosen the free option, so there are a few ad's, but they don't interfere with the publication, at least it doesn't seem to me that they do.

Anyway, here it is. Ink & Steel - the on-line ebook.

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