Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Once more, like a game of good news bad news, my week continues.

Yesterday I got home to find 2 envelopes waiting for me. Some bad news...

My drawing PW PW 2001 had been rejected by the RA Summer Show.

And some good news...

My 2 new pieces Listen and Take An Axe And You Might Find A Rainbow, Let It Grow And The Sun Will Shine have both been accepted.

I'm really pleased to be showing these 2 new pieces of work. My self-confidence has its ups and its downs (its downs and its plateaus) but I know the quality of the work shown at the RBSA is consistently fine, and once again I'm proud to have my work shown in such company.

Detail of work in progress (almost finished, I think) 'Secret Dancer'

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