Thursday, 14 April 2016

Space Dogs!

 I'm feeling anxious about my new drawing, I'm not convinced that I've grasped the whole shape of the tree in the picture yet, and am certain that I've bitten off far more than I can chew at portraying the millions of tiny blossom and the gauze of twiglets veiling the tree as if the tree is dancing in a veil of twigs and branches.

But then again that was the very thing that attracted me to this subject.

Listening to something while I work helps me concentrate.  Today I've been listening to Black Rabbit Hall as an Ebook from One Click Digital.  I've got a free subscription to this wonderful service (I think it's wonderful anyway) via my library membership of Wolverhampton Libraries.  I believe that many library services are offering this service, another of the myriad reasons to support your local library service by joining up right now! 

That little pencil drawing at the bottom corner is an experimental ACEO.  I'd noticed that lots of people sell drawings inspired by celebrities or cult TV programmes, movies etc... and I had a quick go at starting one last night.  It doesn't look much like the person it's supposed to be though.  When I was a teenager I was good at catching a likeness but I seem to have lost the nack.

Last year a lady in Belgium bought my ACEO Walking The Dog In Space.  She is connected with a dogs charity and asked me if I would mind if she produced a small number of stamps for personal use using my design.  I said okay and today these came through the post.  I think they look really nice and they've really brightened my day.  I love the Belgian postage stamps as well!

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