Thursday, 18 February 2010


I'm really trying to finish PW PW 2001, probably trying too hard to finish it if i'm honest, but I have another deadline I want to make and I'm aware that within a few weeks my time will be constrained by my having taken a second part-time job.

The more I think about developing my artwork (I haven't really attacked it with anything like this much serious intent for many, many years) I realise how many shortcomings I have - I'm embarrassed at how naive I still am about the business side of art, I'm still like a dog with a bone, running with my creativity locked between gritted teeth hoping the rest of the world doesn't catch up with me and take my precious thing away.

Last night I made a few notes on my pocket pc about where I'm going with my grafitti drawings. I've taken photographs of grafitti (on walls, statues, trees) for years now, I've kept meaning to do 'something' with them, but it wasn't until about 5 years ago that I made my first grafitti tree drawing and last year when I began to develop this further. I'm really so slow at developing anything, despite the effort and the time I put into things I just seem to function at a very slow creative metabolic rate (if that makes sense). I must always have been this way, because I remember my art teacher, Mr Trafford, saying something along the lines of me being a slow developer, and my English Lit' teacher (Miss Warren) saying this also. I guess it's part of my psychology. I'm a slow mo.

Been laughing at the Goons while I worked this morning and still haunted by images and themes from the consistently wonderful Mad Men, which is one of the few things I watch religiously on television. Mad Men is perfect on every level -visually, dramatically, and certainly the writing is pure bliss managing to incorporate drama, plot intrigue, subtlety and depth of character, psychology and social change. It's pure art.

Roots & grafitti
What/who we are, what we come from, how we attempt to make our mark/express ourselves
The tangible natural/physical world
The intangible world of aspiration

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Perpetual Chocoholic said...

The detail in your work is incredible! Beautiful again!