Tuesday, 3 October 2017

St Paul's Square, Birmimgham

More progress on my linocut of St Paul's church, Birmingham.

I printed a layer of pale green, then an orange...

Then cut some more detail into the trees and leaves and printed a richer, darker green over the orange.

Cut some more detail and printed a darker red/orange then cut for one last time, taking out most of the plate leaving only the trees and the windows of the church itself which would appear darkest in this print. 

I then inked up the plate with a dark reddish black/brown...

And printed this final layer of ink over all the previous layers to arrive at my final print.

I've mixed feelings about the final result.  I chipped away too much of the foreground tree, which could have done with being simpler and with less fiddling about.  I had my pen and ink head on when rendering this tree and it has lost definition on the right hand side as a result.  There are places I like, and patchy areas which are the result of the ink drying out during printing and lack of pressure during the hand pressing process. 

But I like the receding trees on the right hand side of the print, and the rendering of the church itself and the tree immediately in front of that.  These are things I can build on, I think.

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