Thursday, 19 February 2015

ACEO Studio

 I have been working on my ACEOs and have (joy!!!) sold a few at auction via Ebay, where I am selling as Itsypics.

I am so happy that someone likes my work enough to bid for it.  I have had some really lovely feedback too, which is very nice indeed.

The ACEO above is based on a photograph I took of Southwold Lighthouse while on holiday there in 2009.  Southwold is a lovely seaside resort with a glorious pier.  There was a quirky amusement arcade on the pier when we visited which was full of crazy one-off amusements made by a local artist.  G and me spent a fun filled hour or so in there.  Don't know if it's still there now.  David Morissey married Esther Freud on Southwold Pier, Esther Freud has written about Southwold where she spent her childhood holidays.  Her novel The Sea House was set in the area.

I keep the materials I use for my ACEOs together in this old bag.  It's one of my countless attempts to organise myself so I can stay on track with my creative work.

And here is the old WH Smith filing box I keep my finished ACEOs in, along with the tiny easel I photograph them on and the little plastic sleeves I ship them out in.

I am designing a Certificate of Authenticity to send out with the artwork I sell.  This is the one I am creating for my ACEOs.  I have never produced one of these before, but I have read that they are valued by collectors so feel that I should try and produce something along these lines.  It will be the size of an ACEO but folded like a greetings card, with the information printed across the inside of the certificate.

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