Wednesday, 28 January 2015


As well as working on a variety of work in progress, including this pen and coloured pencil drawing of a local public baths (now closed down) seen from a side street, based on a photograph I took in Autumn 2013...

...I have also been working on the tiny drawings I plan to attempt to sell via auction at Ebay.  I have a few snowdrop drawings finished, they are very simple fineliner pen and coloured pencil drawings, here's one displayed on a tiny easel I purchased on-line.  The easels are really sweet, only a few inches tall, and just right to display the miniature drawings which measure 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches, regular ACEO measurements.

I have also started a series of seaside scenes.  At the moment I've embarked on a series of lighthouse drawings.  I've long had a fascination for lighthouses, for all they symbolise on so many levels.

These 2 images are the pre-coloured and coloured state of a drawing I've made of Old Flamborough Lighthouse.  The drawing is based on a photograph I took in August 2003 while travelling up to Northumbria on holiday.  It was a very windy, chilly late summer's day.  The lighthouse is a chalk building and purported to be the oldest in England, built in 1669.

 I've set up an Ebay ID to sell my ACEOs, I've called it Itsypics and you can find it here.

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