Monday, 1 December 2014

Penned Petals

My exhibition finally is up at Wolverhampton Central Library and it can now be found in the glass display cases at the top of the stairs on first floor.

I had a few teething problems, mainly that I had used foam board to mount the labels and photographs I am displaying.  These all went up lovely, I've attached the wall mounted ones with velcro on the back of the foam board.  But as I locked the final case I noticed the paper on which I had printed the title label of a couple of the pieces was peeling away from the mount board!

I tried a quick fix, but if this hasn't worked by Wednesday I'll re-do the labels on card and re-fix them. 

I'm dreading turning up and finding that I've created a snow globe effect with all my carefully printed labels fluttering about behind the glass like snowflakes!

I haven't taken any photographs of the exhibition yet, hopefully I'll get these done on Wednesday, but in the mean time I have published a digital catalogue of my exhibition which you can view by clicking here.

These are the plans of the 2 cases which I made throughout the time I planned my small exhibition.  I set the material out in the back garden or on the landing, marking the case with string, and then drew up this plan of left case (above) and right case (below).  As it turned out the left case worked perfectly but I had overestimated the space of the right case and had to adjust the display of the material a little.  But it all fitted into the cases in the end.

View digital catalogue of Penned Petals here.

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