Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Preparing for an exhibition

The exhibition I'm going to hold at the library is in 2 glass cases at the top of the stairs in the main foyer area of the building.  I held an exhibition there in 2011.  The cases are surprisingly spacious and so I've been planning what material I have and how much I will need to fill that space.  Like before I've made a plan in the back garden with string and various bits of paper cut to the size of existing pieces...

Then I've drawn a plan showing these pieces in situ, marking in red things which I don't have yet (titles, accompanying text etc...) so I know what I've got to get ready to take with me in December.

I've decided to theme the exhibition around the flower drawings I've been doing this year, and to split the 2 cases into work done in dip pen and ink from my photographs in the left hand case and in the right hand case I will show the drawings I've made from life.  These are done in sketchbooks, in fibre pens of varying thickness.  I will show prints of the pages from the sketchbooks and the sketchbooks themselves.

I've made a timetable and hopefully I'll have everything ready in December.

Here's a piece I finished earlier this month.  It's called 'Tearful Rose' and it's in coloured acrylic inks applied with dip pen.

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