Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April Fool

Mom got me first thing this morning with an April fool 'there's a spider on the wall!'  Works every time.

But at least I've finished this little picture at last.

I'm really obsessing over the background in this drawing, and it's something I've an idea to take further in my next piece which hopefully I'll start later this week once I've got a couple of handing in deadlines out of the way.

Digital submission seems to be the popular way to enter opens lately.  Even the RBSA has gone digital for its Prize Exhibition.  I'm not feeling very confident though, as I don't think my work really comes across in digital images.  Maybe it's my amateur approach to photographing them, but I'm afraid the ssubtelties of my style will dissolve on a computer screen or worse, when projected many sizes bigger onto a wall or screen.

But there's no avoiding it if this is the way open submissions are going these days.  And at least it saves in unwanted trips to hand in then collect rejections a week later.

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