Thursday, 7 March 2013

Through my glasses blurrily

Progress on 3 Red Trees.  It's small enough to fit on my scanner, which is smaller than I usually work.  Partly because of this I've had problems seeing my work today.  I'm short sighted so I have to get close to my work to progress with it.  Converseley I'm mid 40's now and I have Presbyopia developing - so although I want to get close to my work I have to take my specs off to see it clearly.  Without my specs I have to virtually have my nose against the paper, which isn't the most comfortable position to be in for long.

I'm considering ways of getting round this problem.  I don't want to go varifocal (it's bad enough having one frame around the world, splitting that frame in 2 again would be just unbearable).  On a more positive day I'm sure I'll think my way through it.  Just wait for that more positive day then I suppose.

I'm enjoying listening to the Cazalets on R4.  Such a sensitively acted piece, the sort of thing radio drama does beautifully.

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