Saturday, 3 March 2012


I'm really happy that my drawing Private has been accepted for the Open All Media exhibition at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists's gallery near to St Paul's Square, Birmingham.

The exhibition will run from now until Saturday 24 March.

Hopefully I'll get to visit it soon, and I'll post a blog about it.

Work in progress on my latest drawing, which I've provisionally called May Gate, even though the horizontal barrier isn't a gate at all but a 2 bar fence.

G and & I drove up to Hodsock Priory today to see the last of the snowdrops. This is an anniversary visit for us, as we went there 2 years ago almost to the day, just before I began my job at the library. 2010 was a very severe winter, snowy and bitterly cold. 2012 has been much milder and so the snowdrops are really almost a thing of the past already. The daffodils are begining to bloom though, and the crocuses are beautiful in all their pastel colours. It is really a spring garden, rather than a snowdrop one by now.

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