Thursday, 13 January 2011

Telford and Wrekin Open 2011

I spent most of Saturday on the train travelling first to Oakengates to hand in my piece for the Telford and Wrekin Open Exhibition, then travelling back in the other direction to collect PW PW 2001 from the RBSA. The lady was very complimentary about my work when I picked it up, she said that she could imagine working the way I do must be almost a kind of meditation, and I think this was very perceptive. And true.

I had another compliment this week for the piece I exhibited at the RBSA, a note from the artist Rob Perry, to say that he liked my work. It was just a brief note but I was very touched that he had gone to the trouble of sending me his compliments. Rob Perry is a well respected artist who I've been aware of since seeing an exhibition of his work at Dudley Art Gallery back in the late 1980s. He's got a great website.

I've spent the past fortnight emersed in wonderful Mozart. Yesterday was the final day (1791 day) of Radio 3's broadcast of all of his work. The word genius is spoken too often these days, true genius is a very rare thing and Mozart was definitely it.

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