Sunday, 6 June 2010


I'm extremely pleased to have 2 mixed media pieces accepted for this years's Prize Exhibition at the RBSA. The 2 pieces I've had accepted are Still Much To Offer and Chocolate Tree, which I'd fretted and frowned over through April. I seem to spend most of my life fretting and frowning over something. Here's my current face creasing exercise.

Although I use a daylight lamp most of the time, in the evenings I've been taking my work into my bedroom which gets the full evening sunlight. I open my window and try to concentrate on the birdsong rather than the incessant traffic noise, booming car stereos, shouting kids and general suburban mess. I'm enjoying watching my plants grow too; mint and tomato seedlings on my windowsill at present. Occassionally I'll pinch the leaves of the mint for a burst of uplifting zinginess (that reminds me of my childhood, instant transportation) or the pungent scent of the baby tomato plant leaves.


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Congrats! Wonderful news!

Kay said...

Thanks PC. Makes up just a little for having had my drawing rejected for the RA's summer show recently.