Sunday, 19 April 2009

16th Patchings Art, Craft & Design Festival

I'm extremely happy to have 2 works accepted for the 2009 Patchings Art, Craft and Design Festival. More details can be found at the Patchings website.

In addition to the 2 pieces which will be shown at the Exhibition which lasts from the opening of the festival on the 4th June until July 12th, I've had one drawing highly commended, this will be displayed on the website at

More details can also be found at my own website at

I've got a few pieces in progress at the moment, mainly pen and ink, but I've also been experimenting with combining pen and ink with colour. The images below are of a piece called Silver Birch - Red. It's based on a digital photograph I took a few years ago, and is worked on board on an acrylic gesso base with pen and ink, then layering acrylic and pen and ink on top.

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