Sunday, 14 February 2010


It's been a snowdrop weekend for me and G, yesterday we drove to Dudmaston and today the lovely Colesbourne Park Gardens in the Cotswolds. Colesbourne Park is a private garden famous for its snowdrops, with many, many varieties both on display and for sale. Some of these are rare and costly, the most expensive snowdrops on sale there cost £40! The garden featured on Gardener's Question Time on Friday, when Pippa Greenwood visited. They also offer snowdrop study days, which are very popular. The gardens, which donate money raised from the open days to charity, are open from the last week of January to the end of February, which is the main snowdrop season.

On the way back we took a diversion to visit Notgrove Long Barrow, an English Heritage site which lies beside the busy A436. The Cotswolds is full of these ancient sites, many of which are open to view for free courtesy of English Heritage and Gloucestershire County Council. Although there's nothing spectacular about Notgrove Long Barrow you can clearly see the busy network of interconnecting chambers beneath the undulating earth and it's possible to catch a moment of stillness and awe at the age of this site, the fact that it has survived all these centuries, and that for just a few minutes it's possible to connect across the centuries with a past civilisation.

The second of my Tete-A-Tete drawings. Nothing much has happened to my bulbs yet, mysteriously dormant in their little portion of earth.