Thursday, 25 February 2010


As I suspected last week when I finished PW PW 2001 I've now slumped into a state of picture limbo. I've been going through my photographs and making drawings from the PC screen, and I've planned a drawing which I've stretched the paper for, prepared the paper with a wash of gesso and white gouache, but I still feel limbo-fied.

I've had my Long Mossy Tree drawing professionally framed. It's the first time I've ever had this done (apart from a competition I came second in when I was 18, then my artwork was framed as part of my award). The fee was reasonable and it was done within a week by The Framer's Gallery in Wolverhampton.

But my main artistic aim at the moment is to settle my fractious brain. I've picked up a few old pieces and am attempting to resuscitate them...

...but really I need to get stuck into something I can feel whole heartedly obsessed with. I'm no good at multi-tasking, despite all I hear about how 'women' are supposed to be. I can juggle if I need to, most people can, but I'm happiest bedding down with one task and throwing my all into it. That's when I'm most comfortable.

Enjoying listening to Radio 7's repeats of Baldi, they're intelligent and entertaining detective stories, but what I really love about them is David Threlfall's voice which has a soothing quality that makes me feel quite comforted.

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