Friday, 5 December 2014


Apart from a few teething problems (glue not liking foam board) my exhibition doesn't look too bad.  I've had some very nice comments from kind people and I feel that at least showing my work in a public place within the community entitles me in a small way to call myself an artist.  For the time being, at least.

My next challenge is to use what I've learned while making the exhibition in the right hand cases (all those pieces made directly from life) in the development of my work as a whole.  I enjoyed using a bolder line, and also the simple collages, both of which I will try to utilise and develop in the work I create next year.  I also enjoyed using colour more, and again I want to build on this.

I still love using a dip pen and plain Indian Ink though, my biggest problem is how to do everything I want to do in the little time I have to do it all in!

On Tuesday I took a trip to London and was inspired by all the fantastic work held in the National Gallery.  I visited some old favourites.  I gazed in rapture upon Gainsborough's The Watering Place which just takes my breath away.  I want to live in that painting!  I really enjoyed sailing the icy arctic seas with Peder Balke, and being in the presence of 16th century Italians painted by Moroni (my favourite was this poignant painting of a child).  I visited the Rembrandt exhibition at the National too, but it was too busy to make any real connection with these works, incredible though they are.

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