Saturday, 15 March 2014

Long time still here

It's been a long time since I last uploaded an entry to my blog.

I have been working, but I've been less on-line and attempting to conserve my energy and time for creative work.

Last year didn't seem to produce much in the way of successful work.  Although I put in the hours I could nothing seemed to come out too great.  After scrapping a pen and ink drawing which went all wrong, I experimented with airbrush, and although I was enjoying the experiment I had a piece rejected and that put a nail in my self-confidence.  Then in the autumn, inspired by the glorious autumn colour I attempted to focus on watercolour, again I was quite enjoying myself, but another rejection pretty much put a nail in the coffin of the year.

I didn't really do much at the end of 2013.  Time dissapeared in so many mundane practical things, and getting through increasingly stressful situations in my 2 day jobs.

This year I did manage to put in some time in this piece, but once again, although I've been self-consciously putting in my little portions of time (usually about an hour an evening after a day at work, if I can manage it), the results started to go astray again.  A few weeks ago this is where I was at with this drawing, which is based on a photograph I took at the Ariundle Oakwoods near Strontian on the Ardnamuchan peninsula last September.


John Garghan said...

good to have you back your work is very special

Kay said...

Thank you for you kind words John.