Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Letters, lichen, moss and scars

I've finished my piece, and finally given it a name. There's something about the tonal balance I'm not too pleased with, but I think I'd best leave it alone now because messing about with it last night I realised that I was in danger of doing more harm than good.

These close ups have given me an idea of where I want to go next...

Actually deciding where I want to go next with my visual art is not so much of a problem. My current problems are:-

1. Finding the time to go anywhere
2. Finding the finances to go anywhere
3. Finding the right source material to work from

G drove me to Clent a couple of weeks ago as there are some trees there that I'm really interested in. I first photographed them 5 years ago on a gloriously hot summer's day, and curiously going back this time I recognised a couple of the trees from my photographs.

My focus at the moment is aesthetically on shape, texture, framing (composition) to kind of re-invent my quite ordinary photographs as a more dynamic, 'tall skinny intense condensed' image. Emotionally and psychologically my focus is on the intense need to make one's mark. A human mark next to an organic/evolved one (I know what I mean, honestly I do). The human animal's relationship with nature.

Can't beat a good simulacra of an alien entity!


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Incredible work again!

Kay said...

Thank you PC!