Sunday, 17 May 2009


My 'studio' with various work in progress or waiting to be delivered to open exhibitions and competitions.

Today my friend G drove me to the Patchings Art Centre to deliver the 2 artworks (one mixed media piece and one pen and ink drawing) I've had accepted for the Artists section of the Patchings Exhibition. The weather was atrocious, and visibility down to almost nil on the motorway, and it took us almost 3 hours to get up to Calverton, just up above Nottingham, where the exhibition's being held. The arts centre seemed like a very nice place, based around a courtyard with a series of small studios, shops and a restaurant. Unfortunately we didn't stay long, but hopefully will return to see the exhibition next month.

Although it rained most of the day, we managed to visit Rufford Abbey and Country Park. The Abbey is maintained by English Heritage. Until the mid 1930's it was inhabited, and pretty plush too judging by the photographs on display on information boards, but since then it has declined and is now barely more than a shell. It's amazing that this can happen over the space of what is really the blinking of an eye. Makes you realise how fragile everything mankind puts on this earth really is.
Rufford Abbey Country Park also has a really lovely art/craft gallery space and an art school. I loved the gallery in the orangery, a beautiful, tiny space at the head of the formal gardens. When we visited there was an exhibition of ceramics accompanied by a soundrack of ambient music, looking out upon the rain drenced gardens made for an extremely peaceful and transporting experience.

On the way I enjoyed listening to England actually doing well at cricket. I discovered cricket during the Ashes tour of 2005, introduced to it by my father. Since my father died in May 2005 (3 years ago Friday) it's been too painful for me to listen again, but now I'm finding it a comfort. Radio 4 or Sport Xtra coveridge only though, as I don't have Satellite TV.

I do have Digital TV however, and watching the amazing Cesar Milan on the Dog Whisperer re-runs is helping me cope with the loss of Rossie. That man is amazing and the dogs are gorgeous.

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Carole said...

Hey, congrats on getting two pieces accepted for Patching - I unfortunatley only got a highly commended for this painting of Ronaldo
but it is my first year. Which pieces got through for you?