Thursday, 23 October 2008

Slow progress

Every day I promise myself that I'll do some visual work, autumn is a lovely time of the year and like spring, I always feel more 'visual' than I do in summer and winter.

But the day ticks away, and when I'm through writing it's 9 in the evening and I just want to lie on the living room floor and surf the Net on my laptop.

I managed a couple of hours work on my (terrible) coloured pencil drawing this week. Kneeling on the living room floor with my drawing on Mum's ceramic topped coffee table, my pencils sitting in their tin and box on the carpet, occasionally sent flying by the paw of a passing Westie. But despite all's what I've done.

That top picture has come out a bit pink, that's me attempting to over-compensate in Photoshop for a dodgy photograph taken with the white balance to compensate for tungsten light! It's actually on white paper, and when I'm feeling less slatternly I'll take a better photograph. Promise.

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